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The Ultimate Guide on Business Brochures

The business brochure is a paper document that contains relevant information about a company’s products and services, informing the public or potential buyers (a.k.a. “prospectives”) about the benefits of doing business with them. Unlike other paper advertisements like a flyer or letter, a brochure typically is a folded sheet of paper. A company brochure can be in the form of a bi-fold, a tri-fold, a quad-fold, a gate-fold, or almost anything!

Having the right business brochure is of very important to any business as research has shown that people tend to remember what they read in print more than what they were told. A good corporate brochure design should also increase sales and help maximize your branding efforts.

Without any doubt, hiring a brochure design service that can help your business can be a hard decision. And in the bid of the options most fitting for their marketing plan, companies are concerned about making the right choice. Caught in this web of buying the best brochure, they are likely to fall into the hands of amateurish freelancers, template-based designs, or very-costly PR companies.

You may opt to create business brochures yourself – this is a typical approach when there is a tight marketing budget. However, the result is always getting a design that is below standard. Not even to mention the precious time you’ve invested in it – the time you could have expanded on other primary projects.

Also, you may be considering buying a template brochure, but have you also considered the unnecessarily rigorous editing process that would gulp your precious time? In the end, you still get a template-based brochure with an unprofessional look that might be discouraging to potential customers. Template-based brochures when being purchsed, but they usually result in a mess after you include your company’s visual elements. This is because the template was not created for your specific business. And that’s not to even talk of the difficulty in the whole design and print procedure.

For some other companies, nothing is bad in having your corporate brochure design handled by a freelancer. Though this service may be cheap, how about the quality of the design? It’s either going to be unprofessional because the freelancer might still use a template which would not fit into your company’s visuals, or the freelancer might get your company into trouble by using copyrighted materials. The last thing you want for your business is to get into legal troubles.

In the same way, you might be considering having a PR company design your company brochure. Not a bad idea, but be ready for a top-of-the-roof prices for a custom brochure design that would eventually be outsourced to graphic designers that do not specialize in brochure design, or even freelancers.

How to Get Effective Business Brochure

Are you a corporate organization or a thriving business? Would you like to have your products and services reach your target customers fast, moving them to take an informed decision about buying your products or using your services? Do you want to gain public trust with your products and services by promoting them in a way that you generate skyrockets ROI? Are you looking for a professional, internet-based brochure maker that will meet your corporate brochure design needs?

Look no further. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the important factors to consider when dealing with business brochures.

High-quality Design

The most important factor to consider when you want to get professional business brochures is the design. You should make sure the quality of your work is high.

Most important, your custom brochure should reflect your company visuals. If the brochure is poorly designed, your company visual elements and brand would not be easily identified, and this means an unprofessional lok and lost business opportunities.

The best brochure design is often made with a layout that makes your company brochure stand out from your competitor’s, but colors, typefaces, images, and other design elements are also necessary ingredients for a premium looking brochure.

professional brochure design agency would always use your existing branding guidelines for your business brochure. If a brochure maker fails to meet this standard, you should jump on your heels and never look back, because sticking to your existing visuals is the most important factor for your brand recognition and success. If you change the style and look of your brand every time you publish a new brochure, your prospective clients will fail to recognize you. And you sure wouldn’t want that to happen, especially when you’re keen on making your investment count. Actually, who doesn’t? That’s, really, the wisdom behind choosing a professional brochure design agency.

Therefore, you must make sure the design agency will work with your existing brand. This does not mean just including your logo in the brochure but creating the whole design based on it – from scratch. And lastly, you should avoid those agencies that do not want to work on a custom brochure for you, and instead want you to choose a pre-made template.

The Printing Method

For every successful brochure out there, there must have been a lot of efforts spent on the printing quality. Being the final stage of the brochure production, printing is an aspect of the brochure that no serious and top custom brochure maker would ignore. Such brochure design companies pay much attention to the materials used in the printing process. Besides ensuring that the color of the brochure comes out sharp and distinct, they also make use of the latest printing technology to give their customers maximum satisfaction. So when you’re looking to get your brochures done, consider the printing.

Here’s the magic. When you offer your customers a worthwhile, premium-looking brochure from your company, many customers will find you trustful. It’s a good sign that a great deal of effort has gone into producing the brochure. And that automatically leaves a positive impression on your potential customers that you’re worthy of their business transaction.

In considering the material on which to print your brochure, you should expect to see a brochure produced using very high-quality materials. Where these are not used, you should consider it a red flag and flee from such a brochure design agency.

A glossy 10-pt cardstock is a great choice for brochure covers, while 100lbs glossy is good enough for internal pages. People usually tend to think that a thicker stock is better, but many times, the surface of thicker stock breaks and cracks. Ask your designer for the best choice based on number of pages, folds, graphics, etc.

A good business brochure designer would only recommend the best material for your specific business brochure. You should patronize a brochure company that uses nothing but a soft and tactile material that will indirectly project your company or business as a professional one. So this is important if you want to buy top-rated well-designed custom brochure.

Why You Should Give Your Brochure Design Project to an Internet-based Design Agency

The following points should guide you in your quest for the best business brochure.

  • Look for Professional Custom Brochures Only: One of the reasons why many corporate companies transact with brochure design companies is their quest for the best quality designs. Such brochure design agencies do not use templates, nor crowdsource your project to freelancers. When you assign your corporate brochure design task to a capable and reliable brochure agency, you get your money worth and even more, customer trust and loyalty.
  • Your Work is Handled by Specialized Professionals: If you choose to work with a competent and highly trained brochureagency, you get a golden opportunity of having your project handled by a team of experienced professionals. Unlike what is obtainable when one hires a freelancer to help design a custom brochure, professional brochure design agencies will ensure that your custom brochure is done to your taste. This is because the people working on your project include top graphic designers, top-notch copywriters, professional illustrators and marketing experts whose objective is to ensure you get the best for your money.
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery: Instead of hiring a traditional advert agency with their unnecessarily complicated structures and delay in service delivery, why not simply engage a technologically advanced and fast-paced brochure design agency that would ensure you get your work on time, without compromising quality. When you commit your brochure design into the hands of this team of professional designers, you should get nothing less than a top-rated product.

Sample Work

Health Labs Pamphlet Design

This brochure was crafted for the American Society for Microbiology, an organization based in Washington, DC. It is a double-sided LTR-sized flyer. These are best to use as promotional materials or campaigns where there is a large number of targeted audience and comes with the least costing.

Electrical Brochure for an Electrical Company

A custom brochure created with a 17″x 11″ size, 4-page bi-fold format. It was purposely designed to express the exact nature of what the company, Power and Data Service Poles in California provides.

The bi-fold brochure design is a unique brochure style that’s very much gaining acceptance among many businesses worldwide. Designed from a sheet of paper that is folded once and in two halves, this brochure design contains two internal pages, a front, and a back cover. One good thing about this bi-fold brochure is that it’s suitable for all kinds of standard printing, be it the digital or offset. The interior is designed in such a way that it looks enticing to the reader and instantly draws him into the main contents. The bi-fold brochure design is suitable for corporate brochure design because it looks formal for business introduction, product description, and catalogs.

Communications Sector Brochure

Australia’s Telco International Marketing got a corporate brochure design with a tri-fold format sized 25.5″x 11″. Tri-fold brochures are considered the most common type made out of paper folded twice, one from the left and one from the right, in way that one of them gets over the other.

Advertising Your Business with Brochures

Are you looking to advertise your business to the general public? Do you wish your products and services reach a wide number of potential customers? Or maybe you are in a specific location and you wonder if you could get a professional brochure design there?

If you answer yes to all or any of these questions, then we’ve got you covered.

Having a business brochure is an effective way of boosting your business. Knowing that this is key to your business growth, it wouldn’t be out of place to hire only a professional corporate brochure design maker. And then the difficult task of making your business reach a wide number of target audiences becomes a thing of the past.

Bottom line

The business brochure is good for your business growth. If you’re a business owner, whether a corporate body or traditional business, having the best custom brochure printing should be your priority, as this is capable of not only projecting your products and services wider but also to incredibly increase your ROI. Now, what are you waiting for, when you could easily use the professional service of a brochure maker like the Brochure Design Service?

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