Brochure Design Articles

Flyer design

Flyers are a paper advertisement form, created with the intention of wide distribution and usually posted or distributed (...)

Pamphlet design

The first thing to consider when making a pamphlet is ask yourself: "what are you going to use that pamphlet for?" Pamphlets (...)

How to make your brochure a success

How many times have you walked by a corner and been offered brochures, flyers or other marketing materials? Have you ever (...)

Professional brochure design

Depending on the purpose of the professional brochure, there are multiple choices to be made regarding its look and the (...)

Three tips for selling more

Many times, in a business the marketers create beautiful and attractive brochures, with the best technology and visual (...)

Brochure Designers

The brochure designer is the person that specializes in developing the communicational graphic pieces known as brochure. (...)

Formality of a brochure

There are several factors that influence how formal a brochure looks. We can name: Size: the size is probably the most (...)

Life of a brochure

The life of a brochure will depend on the content and the material that has been used. The content might become obsolete (...)

Corporative Brochures

The basic corporative brochure is generally a brochure of several pages, but it is also common to see large tri-fold brochures (...)

Pantone Colors

Many clients require Pantone colors, but they do not understand what they are and what they are useful for. It must be (...)

Corporate brochure design

Printed form brochure design plays a very important part in corporate image building. Brochure designs are the perfect (...)

Bi-fold brochure

Along with the tri-fold format, the bi-fold brochure format is also very common. A bi-fold is basically a brochure made (...)

Presentation folders and inserts

The presentation folders can be morphologically categorized as brochures, but they have specific uses and characteristics. (...)

Tri-fold brochure

One of the most common brochure formats is the tri-fold format. A tri-fold brochure is formed from one sheet, in most (...)

22 tips for creating a good brochure

Don't leave it for the last moment Good brochures take time. The design teams that work under pressure tend to make (...)

Brochure types

The right brochure format can determine its effectiveness in delivering the right message about your company to its targeted (...)

Important considerations for the design of a brochure

Brochures can be created in different ways, as they can be adapted to any paper size, depending on your needs or goals. (...)

How much does a brochure design cost?

Brochure design costs can vary depending on a number of factors: number of pages needed, selected brochure designer and (...)

Cost to create a brochure

In today's competitive market, companies strive to implement effective marketing strategies. Few of them really catch (...)

Cost of designing a brochure

Designing a brochure has a cost that can be explained in three different categories, from the most affordable to the most (...)

Design quality

The quality of the design is fundamental. While clients are more interested in brochures with high impact formats and (...)

Brochure design styles

Brochures have really come a long way from the classic tri-fold style. You now have a variety of styles and layouts to (...)

Brochure design

A brochure could be very important to improve your corporate image and it has three fundamental points: Morphological (...)

The message

A brochure always contains a message to transmit. A successful brochure should contain the following factors as to the (...)

The brochure and corporative identity

Your brochure will be one of the decisive factors when determining the conformation of your corporative image. Your corporate (...)

What is an informative brochure?

An informative brochure is a brochure where the most noticeable function is the informative one. The most typical informative (...)

What is a promotional or marketing brochure?

A marketing or promotional brochure is basically a way to present your product, service or offers. It is usually a second (...)

Who is in charge of the brochure design?

A good brochure design is the best presentation card for your business. Graphic designers are people who have the (...)

What is an institutional brochure?

An institutional brochure is a specific brochure that is created specifically to present an institution, generally a business. (...)

Basic functions of a brochure

A brochure handles three functions: to inform, publicize and identify. Informative function: it is very common to use (...)

What is a brochure?

A brochure is a graphic design communication piece that forms part of the communicational identity of an organization (...)

How to get new clients? The importance of a brochure

For many, getting new clients seems like a desperate odyssey. This is so, that most of the time it leads to spending money (...)

What is a brochure? (alt)

People choose television, newspapers or other similar mediums to advertise their products. But for those that can't afford (...)

Workplace Safety Brochure

Workplace safety brochures are designed based on guidelines that remit to tidiness, safety, work. These brochures are (...)

Architectural Brochure

Architectural brochures are usually created to convey a message that remits to tidiness, planning, ergonomy, sustainability, (...)

What is a medical brochure

A medical brochure is a marketing, promotional graphic design piece that is aimed to healthcare personnel or patients (...)

The Ultimate Guide on Business Brochures

The business brochure is a paper document that contains relevant information about a company's products and services, (...)