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Leaflets - Leaflet Design

The term leaflet can be used as a synonym of "flyer", "pamphlet" or "circular". However, the word "leaflet" usually refers to a one-page piece, either flat or folded, that is intended for mass distribution.

Leaflets are usually small in size, not bigger than a LTR page in most cases. Prints are usually done on low quality papers as the intended and expected life of these pieces is short.

Brochure type

Number of pages


Typical uses



No folds

Promotional, advertising



Flat or folded

Promotional, advertising


One or more

No folds

Political propaganda, events


One or more

No folds

Events, news, periodic announcements, etc.

Brochure Design Samples from Our Portfolio

Praxis Dreierlei / Bifold 3 Booklet Osteo Natural / Germany

Praxis Dreierlei
Bifold 3 Booklet Osteo Natural

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