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This is merely a small sampling of our hundreds of projects we have worked on. Feel free to request brochure design samples that are specific to your industry.

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Brochure Design for the Travel Industry, Hotels

The travel industry serves millions of people each year. People travel for leisure, education, business, and family-related activities. Travelers stay in hostels or hotels, rented houses or house swaps, at ranches or camp sites, and even castles. They travel by rail, plane, boat, caravan, automobile, bus, and bicycle.

Designing for travel

Brochures can help market every travel industry organization and adjunct service. Unlike designs for other industries, brochure design for the travel industry can be very visually creative as well as informative. They are often focused toward happiness, and relaxation or they can be more functional and detailed for the travel-for-business clients.

Brochure designers may use a color palette of organic tones - greens, browns, and light blues; shapes are also more organic in design. Font and layout styles can be more informal. Design includes a higher ratio of pictures-to-text. Although travelers need some level of details (time schedules, pricing, amenities, etc.), pictures, especially larger pictures, may be help create the excitement and motivation for travel.

Many reasons to travel, many uses for brochures

Travel agencies and services can use brochures to market their businesses. These brochures detail the services offered and specialty tours and programs they work with. There may also be a statement of service guarantee and business policies that the prospective traveler should be aware of when working with the agency.

Wherever a person can travel, there probably is a brochure to describe that location, its points of interest, amenities, and historical information. A map of the area is often included in the brochure design.

Travel brochures can be designed to pique a traveler’s interest in a given destination or activity. Travel itineraries can be built entirely around a central purpose such as visiting theme parks or following historical routes. Some people book a vacation centered on traveling exclusively by rail or boat.

Business class and travel trends

The travel industry has businesses centered on work-related travel. A brochure packet for this group of services might include essential transportation and lodging information, and brochures and points-of-interest information sheets for the business traveler with some opportunity for leisure time sight-seeing.

Convention centers may utilize a variety of brochures to market their services and promote tourism within their communities.

A newer subgroup of travel services caters to individuals and groups wanting to participate in working and study vacations. Some of these newer travel services include sustainable tourism and ecotourism, medical services tourism, educational immersion programs, and archeological digs. In addition to describing these special work/travel programs, brochures can provide the information each traveler must know about documentation, inoculations, safety risks, etc.

Special travel services

The travel industry is supported by many adjunct services and businesses and brochures can be designed for each adjunct service.

Whether a traveler is booking reservations through an agency or directly online, specialty software makes it happen. Brochures can detail the many functions of specialty software and highlight benefits to the client/end-user.

Limousine and bus companies often offer both shuttle and touring services to specialty destinations like wine country tours and casino parties. They may be hired by a company to take its employees to a special event. Or they may be booked to take an individual or small group of people on a driving tour of a major city. Brochures listing services, rates, special transportation packages may be placed at travel agency offices, hotel concierge desks, hospitality booths at major transportation centers (convention centers, airports, chambers of commerce), etc.

Rental agencies specialize in rental cars, recreational vehicles and properties. Other specialty groups provide recreational equipment for rent. Brochures may be designed to list pricing and terms, types of vehicles available, optional insurance, special equipment and vehicle safety/comfort features, driver training safety courses available for first-time RV renters, and more.

The insurance industry includes specialized travel insurance services. Brochures may provide detailed information on travel insurance options, contact information for travelers who get stranded or need special medical transportation services, what to do if property or moneys are lost or stolen while traveling, who is included in the travel insurance policy, and what is not covered by the specialized policies.

Brochures can help travel industry groups market their services to each other as a way of forming synergistic partnerships. They can provide business and leisure travelers with essential information about travel and destination options. Best of all, brochures can help people dream and plan for their next great travel adventures.