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This is merely a small sampling of our hundreds of projects we have worked on. Feel free to request brochure design samples that are specific to your industry.

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Brochure Design for Religious Organizations, Churches

The membership of any spiritual community or family ebbs and flows. Members move into, and out of, the community. Some make their final life passages and leave an empty place - or a place marker - within their spiritual family. And as one member passes, another is born, steps into that place marker space, and grows within the spiritual community. It is this way with churches and religious families around the world.

Designing brochures and other printed media for religious organizations is focused around essential elements that form the spiritual nucleus of that organization’s mission: spirituality, care, belief, trust, confidence, faith, reliability, and hope.

Sharing a spiritual mission in printed form

Just as there are important spiritual elements to a religious organization, there are important elements in presenting information in written form about that organization to members and non-members alike.

  • Colors for all printed formats might incorporate shades of brown to call upon a viewer’s sense of connection with nature, and pale colors that evoke an indefinable sense of spirituality. The brochure designers recommend avoiding high-contrast color palettes as they tend to create a jarring or uncomfortably startling response, particularly when used in the context of printed spiritual materials.
  • Shapes-organic and often circular - can be effectively used in both obvious and subliminal forms. No matter what religion or spiritual focus, the circle is a symbolic representation of life or life cycle, including spiritual life.
  • Pictures are carefully chosen to include many images of people gathering, socializing, and sharing. These images are believed to help create a sense of community and increase viewers’ empathy and confidence.
  • Text is a 50/50 balance with pictures. The brochure designers carefully blend images and text that convey a message of spiritual support, community, and information about the organization. Ideally, the brochure design is balanced so that neither images nor text overwhelm the viewer.
  • Format can be diversified, utilizing tri-fold brochures, flyers, and other formats for mass distribution. Each printed piece should give the viewer a sense of spiritual and organizational community.

Presenting a spiritual message

Brochures for spiritual organizations can serve a multiple of purposes. The tri-folds are well-suited for sharing the expanded story of an organization and its spiritual focus. They can be placed in an office reception area, welcome packets, and at regional meetings where information may be shared with colleagues about the spiritual community and its mission.

Flyers can be used to spread information about a spiritual community within the community at large. Flyers can help non-members become aware of an organization’s support services, and that they are welcome to visit the spiritual community. Members can use flyers and brochures with their friends share information about the organization, its mission, services, and special events.

Building a spiritual community

A spiritual community is exactly that - a community of spiritually like-minded members. It serves to minister to the spiritual well-being of its members and visitors. Brochures, flyers, and other printed materials can help emphasize an organization’s commitment to the spiritual well-being of all.

Brochure design is structured to flow - from a statement of spiritual mission - to a brief history of the organization and community - to pertinent information about services, meetings, and spiritual (ministry) groups - to community outreach programs, and all the other critical information of which members and non-members should be aware. Printed media helps "speak" of an organization’s complete mission.

Trust and hope

Above all, brochures can convey an integral message of trust and hope: trust in the support and nurturing of a religious community, and hope of spiritual sustenance and guidance beyond the boundaries of a physical structure and group.