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Thank you for taking the time to review our brochure designs! You will find thousands of brochure design samples from selected projects we have worked on as well as the feedback our clients gave regarding the final product. This is not a comprehensive list but a small sampling. We have designed hundreds of different brochures for businesses all around the world in multiple markets. Please ask for brochure samples within your industry to see what we can do for your business!

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This is merely a small sampling of our hundreds of projects we have worked on. Feel free to request brochure design samples that are specific to your industry.

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Vision Roof Services / Bifold / California (CA)

Vision Roof Services

Roofing Brochure - Design House

Cedar Creek Land Equipment / Trifold / North Carolina (NC)

Cedar Creek Land Equipment

Construction Brochure - Brochure Design Company

Precision Scheduling Consultants / Bifold 4 Page / Texas (TX)

Precision Scheduling Consultants
Bifold 4 Page

Architecture Firm Brochure - Build a Professional Brochure Design

Southern Charm Staging / Bifold / South Carolina (SC)

Southern Charm Staging

Home Staging Brochure - Design Agency

Pacific Wide Real Estate And Mortgage / Big Trifold / California (CA)

Pacific Wide Real Estate And Mortgage
Big Trifold

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You will captivate the audience and reinforce the marketing message by using our creative brochures.

Our experience is your advantage! We can either work with your existing design ideas, mock up, photos and text or create your brochure from scratch, including concept, design, copy, photography, illustrations, etc.

We will be pleased to talk about your needs and prepare a proposal for your particular project.

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Brochure Design for Real Estate, Construction, Architecture, Engineering

The building industry is a wide world of structural growth -homes, office buildings, schools, community centers, shopping and services facilities, medical centers, and more. This structural growth is facilitated by, and for, people.

Think of all the growth providers: architects, engineers, realtors, construction equipment and materials providers, contractors. And think of some of the clients they serve - home buyers, merchants, business developers, students, and medical services providers.

Brochure design for the building industry

Brochure designers use color, shapes, and pictures to create marketing and information collateral for the building industry.

Colors can be drawn from a wide palette and tailored to each industry and function. Shades of grays and blues may be appropriate for industrial design and construction. Organic colors may be more effective for representing residential design.

Shapes for engineering and architecture-related businesses may lean toward straight, thin lines, rectangles, squares, and very clean and neat layouts. Shapes for use with realty projects and businesses might be more organic.

Pictures for real estate projects and businesses can include numerous images of happy people enjoying family and community life whereas pictures for engineering and architecture might rely on infographics, diagrams and structures (buildings, facades, floor plans, etc.).

Bi- and tri-fold brochures can work well for promoting small businesses. Bi-folds, large tri-folds, and multi-page booklets may be effective for conveying information in larger businesses that are more B2B-focused.

Representing construction, design and engineering

Brochures, information packets and multi-page booklets for engineering and architecture businesses may be focused on building and design services. Brochure designers can incorporate a pictorial representation of completed projects along with text that describes the firm, its services, and its design philosophy.

Brochure panels or insert sheets can also list awards and honors received for projects, client testimonials, and the licenses held by individuals or firms.

Brochures can help the individual contractor describe and market services for project management, remodeling, and construction. Testimonials and licenses as well as project pictures may establish credibility with prospective clients.

Representing real estate

Real estate marketing collateral can include brochures and flyers focused on individual properties or commercial developments.

Design may be used to emphasize real estate development concepts and philosophies such as residential and commercial communities that blend with their surroundings. Buildings may be designed with systems that significantly reduce environmental impact through use of earth-friendly materials, gray water storage for use in landscape watering, and use of solar or other non-fossil fuel-based resources for energy. Brochures can target the buyers, renters, or investors who support such green programs.

Another aspect of the real estate industry is property management. Brochures and insert sheets can apprise prospective renters of rent-to-own programs, applicable community rules, management contact information, pricing, pet policies, community amenities, etc.

Brochures for marketing new residential and commercial real estate can be used to describe the development project, dates of construction completion, model options, and selection of optional upgrades, community transportation networks, and school districts serving the new community.

An increasing number of community developments are a blend of commercial and residential (mixed-use) properties. Brochures for this type of development can feature pictures and texts of the commercial use areas and emphasize the sense of greater affordability, the convenience and easier accessibility of commercial amenities, reduced commute distances, land-use synergy, and increased sense of neighborhood.

Connecting with the building industry

The building industry is as much about people as it is about building. Brochures can help connect the creators and builders with the people who benefit from the services, buildings, and communities.

Engineering, architecture, development, and real estate all relate to growth - growth of transportation networks, communities, and buildings. Brochures can help link these functions and services, providers, and clients together.