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This is merely a small sampling of our hundreds of projects we have worked on. Feel free to request brochure design samples that are specific to your industry.

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Brochure Design for Military and Security

Security. Most people and businesses expect and seek security from harm and loss. Industries are built around providing security services and products to individuals, companies, and to the military. Brochures help bring important information about security products and services to clients and customers who are seeking to develop or expand some aspect of security system.

Designing for security

Brochure design for military and private security services and products reflects the sober aspects of ensuring security. Brochure designers may be asked to stress not only the services offered but also to convey a company’s professionalism, aggressiveness, and control.

Black background designs are common in public and private security industry brochures. Designers may use military palettes (green and browns) for military brochure collateral.

Shapes, text and images may follow straight lines, creating an overall linear appearance. Depending on the purpose of the brochure (recruitment, products, auxiliary support, etc.), there may be a greater emphasis on text than pictures. Some brochures will include maps, diagrams, flow charts, and in-depth narrative. Content may be laid out in bi- and tri-fold brochure format.

Military brochures

Brochure collateral for military security can be from any of three areas: within the military, auxiliary security services that contract with the military, and security products designed for use in military settings.

One of the more familiar types of military brochures is the recruiting brochure. Recruitment brochures now focus on more than presenting enlistment opportunities. The military also uses brochures to promote special training and education programs for security specialist degrees and careers.

Brochure collateral also includes materials related to services and products provided by non-military companies. Other brochure designs for military and security may include:

  • Brochures for a company’s ordnance and weapons detection systems that detail vital safety and application information
  • Services and technology brochures in guideline formats to promote companies who specialize in providing military surface deployment services
  • Services/technology brochures, fact sheets, or check lists for securing military networks from unauthorized access
  • Brochures that outline how to secure communications systems for inside or outside the range of fixed communications
  • Brochure collateral for companies that provide auxiliary security services at military facilities, power plants, oil refineries, etc.
  • Brochures that promote specially-adapted transportation systems

Security in the private sector

Security in the private sector is as diverse as in the military. Companies provide security/guard services for individuals, buildings, personnel, and penal facilities. Brochure collateral for private sector security services can include:

  • Brochures listing the types of on-site security services - by foot or mobile (bicycle and automobile) patrols
  • Brochures that detail Preferred VIP protection services and training
  • Brochures marketing investigative and consulting services
  • Brochures for companies that provide government and/or private sector security
  • Brochures designed to market special response services to specific target audiences (such as education facilities, government/military, community law enforcement, etc.)
  • Brochures that promote a company’s security services and products for the maritime industry

Security services also include training process and organizations. One important service is training for professional security drivers. Clients requiring these security services are often prominent in the corporate and government sectors or in other high-profile industries such as entertainment. Brochures may be designed to promote these specialized services to target clients, and to help recruit security driver trainees.

Brochures for the security industry can help promote a suite of services offered by a company. Individual pieces can illustrate a specific security service through story-telling, using anecdotal or historical recounting to relate how that service or training was effective in protecting a client or property.

Security also includes the products that protect - protective garments, equipment, specialized technology, software, vehicles, etc. Brochures can not only help promote the products, they can also educate clients on special features and safe usage.

Security systems range from do-it-yourself installations to elaborate networks and programs requiring professional installation and management. Brochures introduce clients to these products and services, pricing and service level options information. An information packet of brochures may contain collateral on individual security aspects - maintenance of on-site hardware (batteries, when to make a service call), programming remote controls or accessing downloadable apps for smart phone control, and backup systems during power failures.

It is challenging to think of where security systems, personnel, and services don’t affect our lives. Brochures help introduce the services and systems that are significant to protecting our homes, businesses, schools, and our military personnel.