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Thank you for taking the time to review our brochure designs! You will find thousands of brochure design samples from selected projects we have worked on as well as the feedback our clients gave regarding the final product. This is not a comprehensive list but a small sampling. We have designed hundreds of different brochures for businesses all around the world in multiple markets. Please ask for brochure samples within your industry to see what we can do for your business!

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This is merely a small sampling of our hundreds of projects we have worked on. Feel free to request brochure design samples that are specific to your industry.

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Brochure Design for Jobs and Human Resources

Human Resources (HR), staffing agencies and HR consultancies are part of a dynamic and diverse staffing industry. And like many industries, HR businesses and services utilize brochure collateral to market services and educate their clients.

Serving internal and external clients

Human Resource agencies and consultants serve various client groups and functions. Brochures can be used to market any aspect of a staffing service.

Staffing services match working talent with employer needs. The agency or individual may work on a contingency basis, paid only when the new employee successfully transitions a probationary period into full-time employment with the hiring company. Others charge a fee for each period of service completed by the temporary employee.

Some staffing organizations work only with executive recruitment or placement. Other agencies specialize in staffing within specific industries such as aerospace, legal, and IT. Recruiters may work within a company’s Human Resources group, as independent contractors, or independent recruitment agencies.

HR brochure design

Brochures for the staffing industry help market the personnel support services offered by a given placement service or consulting business. One service may work with executive staffing whereas another provides light-industrial support. Brochures may be designed for any target client audience.

Because HR services are based on people, brochure designers will illustrate brochures with many images of people in diverse work-related environments and business situations. A color palette of blues and whites are often used when marketing primarily to corporate clients.

Tri-fold brochures can be effective for mass distribution and bi-folds for marketing to larger corporations.

Brochures with multiple client purposes

The hiring (corporate) company is one client group and marketing collateral can be designed to apprise these clients of available staffing and HR management services. The other client group is comprised of the actual workers. Brochures for this group may center on the services provided by the staffing agency to current and prospective workers.

Companies utilize HR and staffing services to help them meet certain productivity needs. The success of any HR agency or consultancy is determined by how well they match staffing talent to the client’s employment needs. A business may utilize staffing services brochures to:

  • Augment staffing for a short-term period to meet a production schedule. This staffing may be recruited to help clear a work backlog, to augment a task force, or provide replacement staffing for employee absence. Brochures can be designed to focus on these short-term projects, emphasizing the types of staffing - light industrial, administrative assistance support, etc.
  • Provide contract work services for companies that need staffing for long-term assignments but do not wish to hire employees full-time. These assignments may last months and even years. Brochures for this level of contract work may target specific industries or types of support; e.g., many companies now utilize long-term contract workers to augment their IT staffs.
  • A company may be relocating its entire base of operation to another area without also relocating its entire staff. This kind of company move may require temporary staffing at its current and new locations to keep operations running at near-normal levels. Brochures for this kind of need can be designed to market relocation staffing services to both the departing and destination staffing teams.
  • Some companies do not have a full-time in-house HR staff, preferring to contract HR services instead. This may be a very specific type of brochure (or series of brochures) that outlines the advantages of outsourcing HR services - including placement, screening, bookkeeping, insurance, disciplinary actions, etc.

The primary function of most staffing services is the placement of temporary, long-term, and permanent staffing. Many agencies also offer a full suite of personnel services and may use brochures to detail these additional services, including:

  • Customer analysis brochures that track effective use of temporary personnel
  • Sourcing brochures help the client learn about options for interviewing and selecting temporary staff
  • Screening brochures may provide valuable insight and tips on effective candidate screening
  • Selection brochures can outline the selection steps from interview through temp job terms, what to do if the selected candidate isn’t a good match, etc.
  • Performance monitoring brochures describe the how the agency monitors, tracks, and reports staff performance to the client
  • Business advisory services brochures may provide additional support in terms of counseling - where temporary assignments seem to be effective in the client’s current workforce, where it might be advisable for the client to hire one (or more) temps full time, or how to implement an outsourcing program if the client has decided to reduce staffing overhead.
  • Niche recruiting brochures can describe the types of specialized skills staffing services offered by the agency, including IT support, advertising/marketing, and industry specific copywriting/editing.

Brochures can be designed to describe these services individually and in summary form. They may be included in information packets shared during a client meeting. Agency overview brochures may be used for mass mailings. Brochure collateral can also be part valuable as part of recruiting campaigns at job fairs and campus career days.

Agencies use brochures and inserts to market their services to staffing recruits. This collateral group provides important information about services offered the contract worker, safety on the job information, career advice, and guidelines and policies that govern an employee’s conduct when on the job.

Many companies rely on supplemental staffing to help fill short- and long-term employment needs. Brochures introduce employer clients and prospective employees to the valuable services available through staffing agencies.