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Thank you for taking the time to review our brochure designs! You will find thousands of brochure design samples from selected projects we have worked on as well as the feedback our clients gave regarding the final product. This is not a comprehensive list but a small sampling. We have designed hundreds of different brochures for businesses all around the world in multiple markets. Please ask for brochure samples within your industry to see what we can do for your business!

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This is merely a small sampling of our hundreds of projects we have worked on. Feel free to request brochure design samples that are specific to your industry.

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Griffin Global Systems / Capability Statement Construction / Florida (FL)

Griffin Global Systems
Capability Statement Construction

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Brochure Design for the High-Tech, IT and Communications Industries

The number of services and products related to the high-tech industry seems to continually increase. Brochures and other marketing and information collateral can be valuable tools for delivering critical product and services information to target audiences.

Designing high-tech marketing and info collateral

Brochure designs using high-impact colors, shapes, fonts, and pictures can be used for effectively presenting the functions, features, and benefits of high-tech services and products.

The color palette for high-tech brochure content may include blues, grays, and blacks. Dark backgrounds and high-impact contrasts, high-tech futuristic fonts help emphasize the sense of energy and speed often associated with technology. Straight lines, rectangular areas, and swooshes draw readers’ attention to critical technical content.

Brochure designers may incorporate a mix of pictures and images of people, electronic circuits, and computers into each piece of collateral. Pictures of the actual product may have greater influence on the reader than diagrams of the product. Infographics, diagrams, and icons can be used with insert pieces to illustrate key data elements or provide more detailed technical information.

Brochure formats that may be used for high-tech marketing, education and other information-sharing opportunities include bi- and tri-folds, folders with inserts, and data or tech sheets.

Design collateral that meets the readers’ needs

The level of technical knowledge or proficiency of each audience may influence collateral design. Designers can craft materials that will be both informative and useful to each audience level and purpose.

Brochures certainly can be effectively used in marketing campaigns. They may be valuable in educational and training environments, too. They also can be used to educate the onsite customer/user about the product or service.

Consider sharing data or tech sheets with current and new clients. These tech sheets can be designed to present helpful technical tips or service information to targeted audiences.

Brochure structure and balance

Clearly stated copy content (in higher proportion to product pictures and subject-related graphics) can have greater influence on the reader than elaborate design and generalized pictures. This means that the design of brochures and related collateral is like a balancing act - the careful balancing of a higher ratio of text and data content to images.

Many people in high-tech related industries seem more inclined toward quickly scanning printed materials. Brochure content, structured in subject categories with subheadings that succinctly state the purpose of each section, may be helpful (and more appealing) to this audience. The copy below each subheading is the supportive evidence to key points. The value of this format is that it can help the reader quickly focus on the content area that is most relative to his or her purpose.

Emphasizing function, features, and benefits

Whether the high-tech service or product information is being shared with a prospective buyer or user, the brochure materials may have their greatest impact when emphasizing three key elements: function, features, and benefits.

Brochures and tech sheet inserts can illustrate function and features through greater use of infographics, charts, diagrams and icons. The benefits to be gained by using the product or service may be better emphasized through narrative content in a brochure format.

Brochures serving the high-tech industry

Brochure design for the high-tech industry no longer centers primarily on components and software development. It also includes IT, security consultant services, website development, computer repair, artificial intelligence, robotics, telecommunication, and more. There is probably no industry that isn’t influenced and affected by the services and products of the high-tech industry.

Brochures, insert tech sheets and information folder/packets can provide the information necessary for current and prospective clients to more fully understand the potential of a product or service, and to make a better-informed decision.