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Thank you for taking the time to review our brochure designs! You will find thousands of brochure design samples from selected projects we have worked on as well as the feedback our clients gave regarding the final product. This is not a comprehensive list but a small sampling. We have designed hundreds of different brochures for businesses all around the world in multiple markets. Please ask for brochure samples within your industry to see what we can do for your business!

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This is merely a small sampling of our hundreds of projects we have worked on. Feel free to request brochure design samples that are specific to your industry.

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Powermix Productions / Trifold / Michigan (MI)

Powermix Productions

DJ Brochure - DJ Trifold Brochure Design

Sports Agent University / Brochure 8 Page The Role Of A Sports Agent / Florida (FL)

Sports Agent University
Brochure 8 Page The Role Of A Sports Agent

Sports Brochure - Design Creation and Printing Services

Sports Agent University / Brochure 4 Page Life Of A Sports Agent / Florida (FL)

Sports Agent University
Brochure 4 Page Life Of A Sports Agent

University Brochure - Design, Print and Marketing Agency

Sports Agent University / Brochure 4 Page Becoming A Sports Agent / Florida (FL)

Sports Agent University
Brochure 4 Page Becoming A Sports Agent

Sports Agent Brochure - Design Services Company

Sugars Mascot Costumes / Bifold Fire EMS Police City Services / Canada

Sugars Mascot Costumes
Bifold Fire EMS Police City Services

Advertisement Brochure - Design and Print Services for Advertising Companies

Northeast Georgia Community Concerts / Gatefold / Georgia (GA)

Northeast Georgia Community Concerts

Brochure Design - Inspiration, Samples, Examples, Templates, Sizes

College Golf 101 / Trifold / California (CA)

College Golf 101

Golf Tri-Fold Brochure

Sports Agent University / Brochure 20 Page / Florida (FL)

Sports Agent University
Brochure 20 Page

School Booklet - Design of a University Brochure

Pro Trainer Soccer / Trifold Brochure / California (CA)

Pro Trainer Soccer
Trifold Brochure

Soccer Brochure Design, Designers, Ideas, Samples


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You will captivate the audience and reinforce the marketing message by using our creative brochures.

Our experience is your advantage! We can either work with your existing design ideas, mock up, photos and text or create your brochure from scratch, including concept, design, copy, photography, illustrations, etc.

We will be pleased to talk about your needs and prepare a proposal for your particular project.

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Brochure Design for the Entertainment and Sports Industries

Somewhere, at any time of day or night, and on any day of the week, a sporting or entertainment event is taking place. Audiences gather, athletes compete, and entertainers perform.

Brochure Design for the entertainment and sports industries focuses on people, highlighting not only the actual event but also the people - the audience, the players, the performers, and the support members that are all part of an entertainment event. There may be nearly as many potential uses for brochures as there are audience members and players.

Movement and activity in printed form

Brochure design for entertainment and sports events may center around the elements of movement, happiness, and performance. Dynamic energy of a live event or performance can be conveyed through text, images, colors, lines, and shapes.

Colors for entertainment can be drawn from a broad color palette. Colors of a musical or theatre event might be based on the color theme of an organization or group; another color scheme may be developed around the specific entertainment - a play or concert.

Colors for sports brochures might logically incorporate shades of green as many sporting events are played (or originated) in outdoor venues. However, green is not the only color option. Sports colors choices for brochures may also be representative of the team’s colors.

Shapes may be swooshes and organic forms that help emphasize movement. Organic forms can give the impression of figures, and a natural look and flow of movement. Swooshes may more likely convey a sense of speed and a greater dynamic range of movement.

Pictures for entertainment brochures may emphasize the happiness of people gathering and socializing.

Sports pictures are also very people content-rich, emphasizing winning and sports performance.

Formats for either entertainment or sports brochures might best rely on the standard tri-fold or bi-fold structures to allow for the placement of information and images.

Brochures beyond the sport, the play, or the concert

The entertainment and sports industries are more than any given event or production. Members of many organizations share their time and talents in community and education programs. Brochures can be used to describe their members’ community participation and encourage others to share in similar outreach programs.

Adjunct services also play a significant part in the entertainment and sports industries and they may choose to advertise their services through your brochures. Information on lodging, food and dining, tourism, and other community points of interest may all be incorporated into brochures.

Brochure designers can craft materials for (or about):

  • Season schedules
  • Ticket pricing and options
  • Cast, team, and other organization members
  • Play and act synopses
  • Membership and sponsorship opportunities
  • Historical background of the organization
  • Community service projects
  • Information about adjunct activities
  • Sports and entertainment merchandise
  • Announcements

The brochure design team works with an organization’s marketing group and/or management to determine what types of brochures might be needed and what functions they will serve. There may be some overlapping of uses in which a media/press packet may include brochures that will also be distributed to season ticket holders, donors, and prospective sponsors.

Brochures that capture memories

Although brochures may focus on present and future events, they can also draw on the memories of previous events or moments. Anyone who has attended a live event may recall a sense of deep connectivity and energy between all people who were at that given event. Long after the performance or event has ended, a brochure may help evoke memories of that shared experience.

Brochures can help you connect with the people - the sponsors, merchandisers, press members, advertisers, promoters, ticket holders, and members of the community that are so important to the support (and appreciation) of your organization.