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Thank you for taking the time to review our brochure designs! You will find thousands of brochure design samples from selected projects we have worked on as well as the feedback our clients gave regarding the final product. This is not a comprehensive list but a small sampling. We have designed hundreds of different brochures for businesses all around the world in multiple markets. Please ask for brochure samples within your industry to see what we can do for your business!

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This is merely a small sampling of our hundreds of projects we have worked on. Feel free to request brochure design samples that are specific to your industry.

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Distance Learning Providers / Bifold Brochure / New York (NY)

Distance Learning Providers
Bifold Brochure

Pharmaceutical Brochure - Design of a Phama Sales Brochure

Institute For Applied Management And Law / Flyer DS2016 / California (CA)

Institute For Applied Management And Law
Flyer DS2016

Brochure Design - Inspiration, Samples, Examples, Templates, Sizes

Leadership Training Program / Trifold 5 / Maryland (MD)

Leadership Training Program
Trifold 5

Education Tri Fold Brochure - Design

Leadership Training Program / Trifold 2 / Maryland (MD)

Leadership Training Program
Trifold 2

Training Program Brochure - Design

Leadership Training Program / Trifold 1 / Maryland (MD)

Leadership Training Program
Trifold 1

Education Brochure

Institute For Applied Management And Law / Brochure 4 Page / California (CA)

Institute For Applied Management And Law
Brochure 4 Page

Brochure Design - Inspiration, Samples, Examples, Templates, Sizes

Institute For Applied Management And Law / Flyer DS / California (CA)

Institute For Applied Management And Law
Flyer DS

Brochure Design - Inspiration, Samples, Examples, Templates, Sizes


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Brochure Design for Education

The academic community encompasses education programs and organizations that include academies, training programs, learning centers, translation services, schools, and other educational organizations and functions.

Brochure elements

Brochure materials can be an effective way to relay significant information about an educational program, school, or organization. One area of narrative may be a brief historical background about the founding of the school or program, and its mission statement. Other elements can include a summary of the programs offered, the criteria for admission, and expectations of the students (conduct, activities, grading structure, progress assessment, etc.).

Brochure colors and shapes

Colors and shapes are not only background for text; they exert subliminal influence on the reader. Use of colors and shapes will depend on the target age of the students. Bright, saturated colors and circular/organic shapes give the sense of happiness appropriate for materials related to a younger student body group.

Brochure designers utilize more "serious" or nuanced color palettes and shapes to reflect the increasing sophistication of the more mature students.

Brochure pictures

The brochures incorporate an extensive use of people content pictures, particularly images of families, to emphasize success in life. While a portion of a student’s academic life may be spent in independent study, collaborative activities are also important to the student’s development. Pictures of family and other group images emphasize the importance of successful functioning within communities whether they are student activity related, in employment environments, or in advanced education settings.

Brochure formats

Brochure design centers on bi- and tri-fold structures. These formats enable you to tell the story of your educational organization and programs in sufficient detail for each of your reader groups.

Printed materials to meet multiple needs

A variety of quality printed media materials can help bring your programs and services to the attention of various groups. Some materials can focus on your organization and services. Other brochures may be suitable for introducing parents to specific educational programs available to their children.

Brochures can introduce your programs and facilities to your peers in the education industry as well. These are the brochures you may wish to share with colleagues at conferences and other academic gatherings.

You may also choose to work with brochure designers to create materials that introduce your program, academy, or school to incoming students. Content may include the school or program motto, images of the campus, faculty and facilities, student activities, contact information for various departments, web site links, etc.

Telling your organization’s story with a brochure

Parents scrutinize academic programs to determine how the programs can best prepare their children for academic and career success. This process often begins before the child is even born. A well-designed brochure can be a valuable part of the information pack parents carry away from an introductory meeting with members of your organization. It is a tangible reminder of what they saw of the facilities, programs, and objectives you discussed.

The story of your program and organization can be told in a brochure format. Historical background and statement of objectives or mission help forge a more personal relationship and involvement between parents and your organization. This parent-school involvement can be a very important bridge to students’ academic success and personal development.

Brochures can be used to outline the key elements of your program(s). They also are an appropriate medium for listing some of the accomplishments and recognition your programs and organization have received.

Each page of a brochure’s design is structured to draw the reader’s attention from one area of information to another. The combination of images and copy help connect the reader with the most important aspects of your academic program.