Patriotic Tri-Fold Brochure Design - Concept, Designers, Ideas, Free Inspiration. Brochure sample. / Tri-fold brochure, LTR open

Patriotic Tri-Fold Brochure Design - Concept, Designers, Ideas, Free Inspiration

National Claim Filing Law Firm Brochure Design

Brochure format: Tri-fold brochure, LTR open
Company location: California (CA)
Tags: law firm brochure , legal brochure , patriotic brochure

NCF required a brochure to advertise their services in an interesting but also professional manner. One of Brochure Design Service’s talented graphic designers discussed the project with National Claim Filing to get inspiration and a clear idea of their aims and thoughts in regard to the direction of the design and what they wanted the brochure to achieve. As an introductory look at NCF’s claim filing services, the pamphlet needed to be contemporary and engaging in a manner that promotes the company’s services. Designers toyed with the idea of a typically patriotic American brochure and used this as inspiration for the red, white and blue color scheme. In using the patriotic tri-color scheme, the designers were immediately able to promote the "National" Claim Filing company. They have carefully placed NCF’s logo at the top of the cover, which is followed vertically by red and blue text that succinctly surmises the company’s purpose. In keeping with the corporate tone and professional attitude of the company, designers coupled the logo on the cover with an image of the company’s corporate team, further communicating the seriousness of the company’s work. The internal pages of the brochure combine cut-out pictures of the company’s employees at work with text detailing the work the NCF is involved in. This all helps to place emphasis on the professional claim filing company. The font throughout is consistent, making for easy-to-read information while red and emboldened headings draw attention to key points, which are integral to the NCF’s services. Diagrams on one of the back pages further breaks up the text and simplifies the process of NCF’s services. A pop-out box on the final page in a bright blue further markets the company, drawing attention to their contact details.

National Claim Filing is an American company committed to automating the Proof of Claim, creating and sending notices to debtors, appropriate attorneys and trustees and is involved in dealings with bankruptcy courts and clients across America.

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Patriotic Tri-Fold Brochure Design - Concept, Designers, Ideas, Free Inspiration

Brochure format: Tri-fold brochure, LTR open
Company location: California (CA)
Tags: law firm brochure , legal brochure , patriotic brochure

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