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Church Brochures - Design, Designers, Ideas, Concepts, Inspiration

Capitol Hill Assembly Of God Church Brochure Design

Brochure format: 4-page bi-fold brochure, A4 open
Company location: Oklahoma (OK)
Tags: church brochure

The design ethos was to create a standard A4-sized brochure (folds to A5 size) that demonstrated the church as family-friendly. The cover page prominently displays a family as one of the main display items and uses a variety of weights and colors in the typeface to deliver different messages individually, as if the congregation is speaking to the reader. The graphic design implements heavy use of gray and crimson red, overlaid against patterns to enrich the brochure’s presentation. The internal pages read like a magazine to convey that the brochure is casual and is not trying to push anything on anyone. Using dark red and white, the internal pages are split up to address different topics, for example the red being a message from the pastor and the white detailing the weekly events on offer from the Assembly of God. The display items here give the reader an informed representation of what the activities look like in real life and a small photo of the pastor himself next to the pastor’s signature promotes sincerity towards the reader. The back page uses several display items (red bands) to highlight important tidbits of information such as the service times during the week and the church address as well as a map conveniently placed next to the address to guide prospective worshippers. The headings are colored in white to stand out from the gray background and break up the text.

The Capitol Hill Assembly of God is a religious congregation and church based in Oklahoma City. They run a number of weekly services as well as youth group activities and community-based activities. The Capital Hill Assembly of God has embraced technology alongside religion by incorporating features on its website such as a streaming podcast available in its media section.

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Church Brochures - Design, Designers, Ideas, Concepts, Inspiration

Brochure format: 4-page bi-fold brochure, A4 open
Company location: Oklahoma (OK)
Tags: church brochure

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